Abdul Rahman Al Amoudi & Sons Holding Company

We are one of the local’s Holding group and most Miscellaneous private investment companies with hold- ings in a good Number of Saudi Arabian companies

About Us


To be a prominent Industrial and Trading group with growing in uence in local markets.


To be a prime choice for Investors, Partner and customers in our Domain of Industrial, service’s and trading sectors.

The Company's vision is simple to

"Invest In The Best"
through a strategy of


Focusing on core growth and
value added industry sectors.


Investing in high performance
companies with leading brands.


We are equally to ensuring attractive
financial growth for our partners.



Nazih Group has established itself as a total beauty product supplier and the undisputed hair and beauty expert in the MENA region. We provide high-quality solutions, services and products to leading beauty and hairdressing salons, pharmacies, spas & tness centers. Our strength lies in the relationships we have cemented with our customers as well as the companies we represent.

  • Hair Care
  • Skin Care
  • Body Care
  • Make Up
  • Perfume
  • Accessories
  • Professional Beauty Equipment
  • Non – Medical Beauty Products
  • Beauty Parlors & Spa Furniture

Zajel real estate Co. for Development & investment is a major real estate in Saudi Arabia, where it has a huge record of real estate development eld, create commercial opportunities , buying and selling and real estate consulting . It is one of the most important sources of information for local real estate and International real Estate and coverage Kingdom , Egypt , Syria and Turkey.


Founded in 2000, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, SILICON offers a wide range of innovative and unique Advertising & Media solutions, backed by 16 years of experience. We proved that our work speaks for itself. We help our clients navigate through cultural nuances and speak to the hearts & minds of their audience to strengthen the brand. SILICON is now one of the leading advertising & media companies in the Kingdom.

With the aim of delivering high-reward services. SILICON helps defining the core competencies in a business to exploit possible opportunities by linking their products and brands efficiently through cost-effective methods.

SILICON decided to bind its operations to success. This has helped us keep in tune with what’s happening in the industry, move quickly to leverage new opportunities and stay keenly focused on customer satisfaction.


The sun has different angle to rise, every day has differ- ent sunset, every one of us differ- ent mode from day to day, and even in same day, as the year has different four season, as the books take us in a tour around the world.

When you discover ASSYRIA menu it takes you in deep experience of testing many cultures & origin, ASSYRIA menu offer more tha 100 of rich fine dining plate, that we guarantee to you that you never test it before.


Alwajih Alarabi Holding Trading Company was established in 2008, it is one of the most leading companies in the eld of import and export of food stu sales in wholesale and retail in Sau- di Arabia and in United Arabic of Emirates. it is known as a pioneer company in the sales and marketing of spices, rice and pasta in particular which has a high whereabouts in the local and international Markets providing products diverse and multi with high quality, ensuring consum- er satisfaction and meet their needs according to the highest international speci cations and standards.


Al-Amoudi factory was established in the year of 2005 and it was based under the vision of the high demand on the primary building materials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

From exporting natural rocks and marbles regardless that comes from our private quarries or the ones that was bought from international ones and then custom- ising the product based on the customers request.


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